10 tips for selling products on Amazon

Selling on Amazon

Amazon is one of the top online marketplaces today. People, businesses and companies sell their products on this massive website. You can get almost anything on this website.


From cars to make up, all is available on Amazon. Regular people can post something on Amazon and sell it. One can even make a living on it. However, there are a few tips that you need to follow so as to make this possible. Read on to see how you can achieve this.
1. Register a professional seller account
On Amazon, you can sell as an individual or a professional seller. If you are an individual, you are charged a commission of 15% on your sales per month and 99¢ for every sale that you make. A professional seller is charged $39.95 per month. However, they are not charged the 99¢ per sale. This saves some money for them. In addition, as a professional seller if you sell more than 40 items, you can actually save money on your monthly charges.

Another advantage of registering as professional seller is that you are allowed to make listings. In these, you can indicate products that are not available yet on Amazon. In addition to this, you can establish bundles of products. These are a great way to promote the sales and improve profits. Not only are you able to do this, as a professional seller you can register to sell in certain categories of products. Examples of these categories are clothing, auto accessories and jewelry. Individual seller are not able to do this. Thus, when selling on Amazon, one of the tips that is very important is to register as a professional seller.
2. Retail or wholesale with FBA
FBA means Fulfillment By Amazon. It s a special program on Amazon. In this program, you send all your products to Amazon and when you sell, Amazon will send the products for you. They will cover the packaging and shipping costs for you. The other program available on Amazon is the merchant program. It does not have this benefit like the FBA program does. One thing to note is that the fees for selling in the FBA program are higher than those in the merchant program. However, they are offset by the fact that Amazon packages and ships your products for you. Moreover, customers trust FBA certified seller and buy from them more. As a result, when you join the FBA program, your products sell very, very fast.
3. Stick to the rules
There are many regulations on Amazon. These are designed to ensure that the products sold are high quality and the sellers are reliable. The rules on Amazon are stable. They don’t change often. It is very important to read the Amazon policy agreement and stick to the rules.
4. Compete and win the Buy Box
The Buy Box is the page that comes up when a buyer clicks on one of the items that come up after making a search. According to Amazon statistics, 78% of sales happen in the Buy Box. To a seller, winning the Buy Box is simply a must. One of the ways to achieve this is to ensure that you have the lowest price listing. This price must be inclusive of shipping. Another way to win the Buy Box is to sell items that nobody else has. The uniqueness of your products will attract buyer to buy straight out of the Buy Box. You can also bundle products together with others that complement them to make up unique bundles that will attract the buyers.
5. Stay in touch with your customers

Amazon requires that you answer every question that you are asked by your customers in 24 hours. If you do not do this, your account is charged a demerit. It is easy to answer your customers’ questions. You can even do it with your phone.
6. Ensure that you you ship orders within 1 business day
For merchants on Amazon, it is imperative that one ships out within a day. Amazon requires that you ship all orders made to you within this time. Moreover, you should state the time it will take you to handle products on your seller page in the product details.
7. Be accurate with descriptions
This can sound like common sense. However, it is very important to describe your product as accurately as you can when you are selling it on Amazon. There should not be a single difference between the item you are selling and what the customer is seeing in the picture. If there is, the customers will notice and send you negative comments that are sure to be noticed by Amazon and you can lose your merchant account.
8. Ask for comments from your customers
Customer feedback is an important factor to consider when selling on Amazon. You learn about your products and service from your customers by asking them about it. You can easily get feedback from them by using an application known as Feedback Five. It sends out emails asking for feedback automatically.
9. Make use of large pictures
Larger pictures allow the customers to see your products easily and clearly. Amazon thus requires that every picture of a product be 1006 pixels in size. This will allow the customers to make use of the zooming feature in Amazon. Moreover, ensure that your product is placed on a white background as you take a picture of it.
10. Save on storage fees by making use of Just In Time inventory management
JIT is a system where you get your inventory to Amazon right before it runs out. By doing this, you minimize the time that your products stay in the Amazon storage warehouse. As a result, you are able to save on storage fees. In addition to that, you have less money occupied in inventory at a time. This releases your cash flow. Amazon has a feature known as Replenishment Alerts. This is a feature that is best applicable for products that sell fast. It can alert you after a number units have sold. You can also set it to alert you after a number of weeks of cover have passed. Follow these tips and you will be a successful seller on Amazon.


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