8 Common Mistakes Sellers Make on Amazon

8 mstakes people make selling on amazon

Selling stuff online is a rewarding experience as sellers can potentially make a lot of money instantly with less supervision.

Old and latest stuff can be sold on Amazon. Amazon is an electronic commerce marketplace that has helped sellers increase their market profitability.
Buyers have a wide choices of products such as books, electronic gadgets, shoes, toys, clothes, jewelry, video games and to name a few; with assurance that they will get the items free from damage or return them if not satisfied.
Although selling online is effective; there are 8 common mistakes sellers make on Amazon.
Take a closer look at them and avoid committing these mistakes.
1. Forgetting to check the email inbox

Some sellers are complaining because they get bad reviews on their seller’s account after they fail to ship out the items to their customers. This may happen if they miss reading the notification sent by Amazon telling them that their items are sold out. To be able to dispose the item, sellers must be responsive to their buyers’ queries. It is advisable that sellers should have a smart phone so they can read their emails, even if they are on a holiday.

2. Failure to write a review and contest a bad review

Leaving a review is important so that buyers will have an idea about the products sold online. Product reviews can help a lot in disposing the items, whether it is an old or a new stuff as the description and images are not enough to convince a customer. Some buyers can be mean and their negative reviews may affect the seller’s status. Sellers should act immediately when customers claim that they have bought a defective product and leave a bad review. Sellers may contact Amazon to delete the bad review or they may notify their buyers through emails to leave a positive review. It is important that sellers deliver their products immediately to avoid getting a bad review.

3. Shipping rates are not always accurate

First-time sellers on Amazon should expect that the rates can be higher than they expect. Most sellers end up paying more for shipping as they cannot print the shipping labels right on their accounts. Take note that the shipping rate is calculated based on the weight and the size of their package. To avoid shortchange, sellers should double their calculations of the shipping cost that is set by Amazon, say for example $10, make it $15 .In this manner, sellers can set a budget for the shipping price that they have to pay. Take note that sellers will have to spend extra for the insurance, tracking and box for the package, which is not actually quoted by Amazon.

4. Not considering rare or obsolete items

Buyers differ in their wants and needs. Selling items that are not common can be a gold mine for sellers who want to dispose of their old stuff that kept for years in the stock room. Buyers may buy the abacus as a collector’s item or may resell them when the need arises. Expect a good review for an antiquated transistor radio at a high price from a buyer who had similar items with sentimental value.

5. Discounting price comparison

Sellers should match the price of their products at Amazon before posting them to be fairly competitive. Overpriced items may not sell fast, not unless it is rare that collectors look for. Setting the right price can be favorable to both the buyer and the seller. Private seller can gain profit after deducting their shipping rates and other expenses without compromising convenience. Amazon is offering free shipping for their items. Another option that sellers can choose from is to lower the price that is offered by Amazon in their free shipping items.

6. Lack of Creativity

Sellers may not be able to sell their items because they do not market them well. Good marketing strategy means using creativity in presenting their products by uploading great images. Pictures speak more than a thousand words and this holds true when selling products at Amazon. To be more competitive, sellers should take a photo of their items taken at different angles so that buyers will be able to see the product without touching them. Write a detailed description for each image, using simple language. Tell the buyer what they can expect from the product and not fake its real condition, if it is slightly used or has minor defect.

7. Not considering return for items

This mistake can happen if sellers fail to account for possible return of items from their buyers. To avoid this pitfall, make sure to read the return policy of this site and fully understand them before posting the items. Study each policy by understanding the allowable days that the items can be returned, and what particular items that cannot be returned. Items such as software or programs are not allowed for return as they can be downloaded and stolen. Returning the item can be costly, especially if it is shipped for several times to satisfy the customer’s needs. This situation may affect the seller’s status from good to fair or might get a one star rating from disgruntled customers.

8. Forgetting to treat their customers properly

Amazon cares about their customers by protecting their rights. Failure to deliver the products to customers can harm the seller’s account. Under the Amazon terms and condition, sellers should ship their sold items within two to three days from the day the order is placed. If there is a power outage or the computer has crashed, try to go to an internet cafe to check the notification. Failure to follow the rules can surely affect the seller’s account.


Amazon is an ideal venue for selling used and new products quickly and hassle-free. Sellers who have a hard time disposing their products in a retail shop can increase their sales with Amazon. All they have to do is to understand and stick to Amazon’s term and condition, follow the packaging guidelines before selling their products online, and learn the common mistakes to maximize their earning potentials.


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