How do I come up with content for my blog?

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How do I come up with content for my blog?

Blogging is one of the most exciting practices because it allows you to connect with an audience through stories, experiences and ideas.

However, it is not always that your next post will be as easy and flowing as your last post. Something happens which makes ideas dry up leaving you with a blinking cursor and a white screen with almost nothing to write about.

This is when some bloggers open their sites to guest blogging while others take a break so as to rejuvenate their minds.

It can be unnerving and terrifying to a blogger trying to push content out into the world without the assurance that what they have written is good and will be received well.

The greatest question most bloggers ask themselves is – how do I come up with content for my blog? This article discusses some of the proven strategies you can adopt to help you create engaging and informative content despite the dry spell.


1.   Using Customer Questions as a Resource

faq-463345_1280Every business or website has its fair share of customers or visitors who frequent for one reason or another.

Some of these customers may have burning questions they want solved and they look up to you for solutions. The questions may be directly to you in person or via email and phone.

As a blogger, these questions can give you a brilliant starting point for your post.

The advantage of using customer questions and queries is that your blog post will be directed to an existing need hence the likelihood it will be read by those searching for the topic. It will also set you up as an authority in the particular field.


2.    Take a Look at Industry Blogs

Checking out the latest posts in several leading industry blogs will give you a hint of the trending topics.

While ripping off ideas and copying material from other sites is a punishable offence by search engines, using these ideas and spicing them up with your own commentary can help you start off a discussion with your audience.

You can add data, references and your own examples to support your thought line.


3.    Build Up on Your Exceptional Archive Posts

archived postsAs you go through the analytics history of your previous posts, pick out the most popular; they are your blockbuster content.

These are the posts that have defied time to bring in a steady flow of new traffic to your site.

Using this content, you can expand the ideas or breakdown one of the existing posts into a new and improved version.

This will attract additional and independent traffic to your site. You should also edit the old post and link the new article to give it additional exposure.


4.   Glean from Comments on Popular Blogs

In your area of expertise, pick out the most popular blogs and read through the comments readers make on their posts.

In most cases, the blog owners may not have time to read through the volumes of comments and answer all the questions posed by the readers.

This is where your golden opportunity lies.

Study the comments and pick the questions raised to help you generate ideas for your blog post.

The more you tailor your content to answer questions raised on these blogs, the more you will be recognized as an expert. This will attract many readers to your site.


5.   Pay Attention and Observe Carefully

A blogger is an artist who uses words to paint emotions, experiences and give solutions.

This means observation is a critical skill that can give you outstanding content ideas for your blog.

Instead of staring at a blank wall and imagining how do I come up with content for my blog, you can put your observation skills into use.

For instance, look at how customers are served in stores, how products are packaged and how the menu is planned in restaurants. The ideas gathered from things observed make blogging gold.


5.   Repurpose Your Content

Blog posts are not written to fill pages but rather to be read and stir up conversations.

Depending on your type of audience, some people prefer one form of content to the other.

For instance, if you are blogging in the music industry, your traffic may prefer video content to text and still pictures.

This means repurposing your content can extend the reach of your blog, the shelf life of your content and optimize link building opportunities.

The key to getting your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible is to understand your audience and give them content in their preferred form.


6.   Use Passion-Driven Topics to Tie Your Content

To get people excited about your content, you need to hinge it to areas that your audience is passionate about.

Some of the passion-driven topics include politics and celebrities. By using political metaphors and expressions in your blog content, you can create a talk point your readers are excited and opinionated about.

Content with a celebrity angle or mention can also arouse readers opinions which is a positive think about your content.

If you are blogging about food for instance, putting in the name of a celebrity as the center of focus can give you excellent ideas as well as passionate followers.


7.    Do Case Studies

Case Study_BKIn the world of content development and marketing, the phrase “evergreen content” is one of the most popular terms.

The beauty with this type of content is you do it once and the rewards keeps on coming over and over again for several months and years to come.

Evergreen content knows no age and is time insensitive.

As you sit and wonder how do I come up with content for my blog, you can actually do case studies!

The good thing with case studies is they give authority in the specific niche you operate in and are never a filler. If done correctly, case studies solve complex audience problems which ordinary articles may not be able to.

They detail experiences on a particular process or activity and hence make rich content for blogs. Case studies are not intimidating because they do not involve a lot of work to create and their costs implications are low. All you need are proper tools and data gathering strategies.


These ideas will certainly solve your – how do I come up with content for my blog – question by giving you tangible and time-tested strategies. However, this is just the starting point. There are lots of other ideas and strategies you can use to revamp your creativity and develop killer content for your blog!


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