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How to write winning headlines

How to write killer headlines

With so much information on the Internet nowadays, it is not wonder that many of us simply skimp the headlines before deciding whether to read an article or not.

A great headline can summarise what your article is about and lure a prospective reader into reading more. Eben Pagan said,” when a visitor lands on your page, you only have four seconds to capture his attention or he will leave”. It is no wonder that writing compelling headlines is one of the most important aspects that separates a great sales letter from a mediocre sales letter.

In this article, I will share with your some tips on writing headlines. At the end of the article, I will show you an interesting and fun tool that you can use to generate unique headlines that you probably will never even think of. Guaranteed. And the best part, it is free!

But first, here are some tips.

Tip 1: Write the Teaser type headline.

The teaser headline makes of curiosity to explain what you are going to write. It gives the reader a little bit of information, arouses his curiosity and makes him want to find out more.

Here are some examples:

“They laughed when I sat down at the piano- but when I started to play…”

“This one little tweak helped to boost my conversion by 316%”


Tip 2: Use a How-to headline

A how-to headline tells the reader what he is about to learn. This is the best way to get a targeted audience and is probably one of the most effective headlines.


Let’s say that you do not know how to create a squeeze page, and are looking for ways to create a squeeze page. You did a search on the Internet and come across article that says “How you can create a high converting squeeze page in less than 15 minutes even if you are technically challenged” Would you read on? I know I would. I was in that situation before!

Here are more examples of how-to headlines.

“How to QUICKLY Eliminate Toxic Belly Bugs from Your Gut”

“How to Write a Killer “How To” Post That Gets Attention every time”


Tip 3: Write a benefits headline

You give a solution to your reader’s problem using specific measurable benefits.

“Earn $300 a day working only 30 minutes a day from the comforts of your home”


Tip 4: Use a results headline

Here, you simply tell the user what is the results he will get by reading more.


Tip 5: Pique his superiority headline:

This type of headline makes use of people’s desire to feel superior to compel them to keep reading

“Can you identify which of these 10 foods can naturally cause you to burn fat?”


Tip 6: Question headline

The idea is to ask a question in the headline that has a yes answer so that the reader can immediately relate to what they are about to read.

“Are you suddenly speechless the moment a beautiful girl approaches you?”

“Are you buying products after products only to find out that the product that promises to make you rich does not work anymore?”


Tip 7: The number headline

If you look at some of the successful magazines and newspaper, you are almost certain to come across these kinds of headlines.

The number 1 reason why most online businesses fail and how you can avoid this mistake.

12 Eating Secrets Women with Great Bodies Know

9 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell Like Crazy



Tip 8: The News headline

You write your headline as if you are about to make a major announcement in a newspaper.

Finally a new diet plan that burns more fat then running 63 miles per week

Tip 9: The exclusive headline

This type of headline tells people that the information that they are going to get is something that has been a secret and is exclusive.

You are about to learn Underground fat burning secrets that are known only to elite body builders, celebrities and Fitness gurus.

Tip 10: Write an irrelevant headline

Say something that is totally unexpected.

For example, “I donated my eggs so that I can travel the world”

Why our world will end if acne cream disappeared.

I have given you 10 tips on how you can write engaging headlines. Now it’s time for me to reveal the tool that I came across recently that helps to generate a headline that is out of this world.  Watch the video below.



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  • Some good tips. Most entrepreneurs accumulate swipe files for headline ideas, but to get fresh ideas, just take a gander at the magazine rack at your local store or online. Although most tabloid newpapers go just a bit over the top with some of their headlines, they are sure to give you some brillant ideas.

    Headline cheat sheets are good too. The kind that you fill in the blanks. I prefer starting with these fill-ins because they spur more creative ideas than most swipe files.

    Another tip is to have someone not associated with your business to read your headline. Ask them if it is good enough that they would want to read more (you know you have a winner if they ask you where the rest of the info is).
    Dawn recently posted…Emotional Contagion To Build Influence On Social NetworksMy Profile

  • Nice simple tips. Thanks for sharing, Boon. I am currently experimenting with few variations. Just one question. You know how mr G indicates the length of headline. How to overcome that since mant of your samples above exceeded this? Dawn has shared with me before. Thought would like to hear a different view. Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Yep, some great headline formats there!
    I like to use the question format, and/or using a quirky angle – they are the ones that come naturally to me, although I’ve pretty much used all the ones you suggest!
    Thanks for the share,
    The Great Gordino recently posted…Would 10 Weeks Solid Working On Your Goals Help?My Profile

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