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Secrets of super affiliates. – Discover the secrets of how super affiliates are raking in huge commissions and learn how you too can start making consistent affiliate income by implementing the strategies that I reveal in this free report.

Super affiliate Super affiliates.

You see then whenever there is a new product launch. Their names dominate almost every leader boards. They win contests for affiliate sales during product launches.

And you’re almost certain to see the same name appearing again and again.

Have you ever wondered how super affiliates are able to pull in huge affiliate commissions?

Affiliate marketing has it lure.

You do not have to create a product. You do not need to write sales copy. It’s great if you are starting out.

You do not have to handle customer support; which can be a headache.

All you have to do is to drive traffic to the sales page and you make some commission money when someone buys using your affiliate link.

All this sounds well and good.


Well, the truth is it is not easy to make money as an affiliate especially if you are just starting out.

Sure. You may make some money here and there, but to be able to earn a full time income ( and quit your job) like the super-affiliate takes a little bit more than just sending traffic to an offer.



The reasons are as follows

1.    Competition 

There are probably a few hundred affiliates out there who are promoting the same product at the same time as you do. So unless you have a way to stand out amongst the crowd and get noticed, chances are you are not going to do very well.


2.    You do not have followers that know, trust and like you

It is no big secrets that super affiliates have list of subscribers. But having a list alone is not enough. You need you subscribers to know you and like you enough to trust your recommendation so that they will buy the product that you recommend.  


3.  Positioning

You need to be able to position yourself as someone who has some authority otherwise your prospect is not likely to listen to you. So what are the secrets of the super affiliates? Here are some of them.

 Secret # 1: They establish themselves as an authority to listen to.


Super affiliates create their own products to build authority in their niche. Doing so will make them appear as knowledgeable as the vendor of the product and also make them appear like an expert to the buyer so that they will trust their recommendations.

When you sell your own product, it demonstrates the fact that you have the expertise on a subject or a niche.

It also demonstrates that you have enough expertise to help someone else overcome his problem or improve his life or his business with your product.

How can you establish yourself as an authority?

  • Speak with confidence on that subject matter. If you are going to be an expert, you have to speak with absolute confidence about the product that you are promoting.
  • You need to be a published author or a blogger. It demonstrates that you have a continued grasp of the subject matter or niche. Publishing is vital in establishing yourself as someone to be listened to.
  •  Mention your credentials. If you have certain degree or certification or have achieved certain milestones, you have to tell people your achievements. This is not bragging. But what it does is to tell people that you have certain experience that you can share and help someone else with.

Secret # 2: They build a list of buyers.

Buyers List You have often heard that the money is in the list. But having a huge list of unresponsive subscribers is not going to help you get any sales.

One way to build a responsive list of buyers is to sell your own product. This helps to build your own warm audience. They can them sell affiliate products to their list.

If you have noticed, Alex Jeffreys (a successful millionaire Internet Marketer and coach) builds his buyer list of loyal supporters by creating high value products that he sells for $7.

Now, because the buyers of his product gets tremendous value from his low price front end product, they are more likely to listen to his recommendation whenever he promotes an affiliate product.

Secret # 3: They add value to the vendor offer

One thing that super affiliate do extremely well is that they often offer exclusive bonuses that the buyer cannot get anywhere else. And the bonuses that they offer are often high in value.

Here are some examples of high value bonuses that super affiliates give away to entice people to buy through their link. They offer one of their paid products as a free bonus if people buy through their affiliate link.

And the free bonus is usually something which ether complements the affiliate products or helps the buyer and is highly relevant to the product.

The Big Commission Bonus

One super affiliate I know gives away a free webinar or course where he teaches the people who bought through his link how to use the product.

This bonus is highly valuable because it helps the buyer get though his hurdle of learning a new thing and cannot be found elsewhere.

You want to make sure that you choose adds value to the affiliate product.

Don’t just offer any PLR e-Book.

Instead create seething unique that is valuable to the buyer. For example, you could record an interview with the product owner. Or give away DFY templates, sales letter templates, WordPress plugins, etc.

If you must use PLRs, make sure that the PLR is of high quality and you can enhance the quality of the PLR by adding your own content to the PLR.

Secret #4: They choose the right products to promote.

Super affiliates choose the product they are going to promote very carefully. First they have to believe that the product that they are going to promote is valuable and useful to their customers.

They truly believe that the product will help their prospects in their business or help them solve a problem.

Also, you will notice that the product that super affiliate promote often have an upsell to a higher value product or have a potential for a recurring income such as a paid membership program.

Secrets #5. They are super good at writing emails that gets people to open their emails and click on the links inside the email.

If you notice, they do not use the email swipes that the vendor is providing for their JV (a.k.a affiliates) partners.

Instead they write their own emails. If everyone is using the same email swipes, it is not going to stand out from the crowd.

Writing good emails that gets opened and clicked is probably the most important skill that a super affiliate has that sets him apart from the Internet Marketers wannabe.

After all, if your subscribers do not open your email and click on your affiliate link, no amount of bonus (no matter how valuable they are) is going to help you at all.


One expert that I know of (because I am his student) who can write really good emails is Michael Cheney. His emails stand out from the rest of the marketers out there.

It is so good that subscribers want to open and read his email even though they know that every email he sends out is a sales pitch.  

One factor with contribute to the high success is the execution of his email sequence and the way he tells the story in his emails.

He calls his emails edutainment in that they educate and entertain the reader so much that they can’t wait to hear from him again.  

Now Michael is revealing his secrets in his latest product The Commission Machine.   To learn more about the Commission Machine and discover how you too can make affiliate commissions easily, click on the image below.  

The Commission Machine

Cheers, Boon

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